5 Best Rome Ghost Walking Tours

En route, uncover the tale of the most productive killer in Rome, get the audience of anchored spirits, and see the main one who had been reviled to lost hands. Realize numerous different of individuals who lived and kicked the bucket in these 10 places that you’ll visit for the total mysterious experience. the enigmatic story of this spot is opened. All set on a city investigation adventure bigger gatherings, the spooky streets, piazzas, and bridges still haunted by the souls of heretics and witches executed, murdered, and burned alive, Ghost and Haunted Walking tours will give you a couple of divining or dowsing rods so you may experience ghost hunting first hand. Learn about past burial customs and secret Christian worship spots during this fascinating exploration into the annals of Rome.

1) Crypts and Roman Catacombs Walking Tour
Go underground to see Rome’s ancient catacombs and crypts on a half-day tour. Look at the Domitilla Catacomb and Basilica of San Clemente with skip-the-line access, plus look at the Capuchin Crypt, where you’ll view a Caravaggio painting and marvel at a chapel made entirely out of human bones.

2) Rome by Night Walking Tour
For a pose on the most common sightseeing experience, take an after-dark tour of Rome to admire its illuminated landmarks and monuments while playing stories about ghosts, myths and legends. You’ll explore the winding alleys and squares in the city’s historical center with helpful information, who provides eerie commentary in regards to the supernatural and historical mysteries which have plagued the Eternal City for centuries.

3) Haunted Rome Ghost Tour
Uncover the dark side of Eternal City and dowse for ghosts with this ghost tour of Rome. Explore the spooky streets, piazzas, and bridges still haunted by the souls of heretics and witches executed, murdered, and burned alive. Pay attention to the spine-chilling ghost stories and feel the eerie atmosphere of Rome after-dark.

4) Haunted Rome: Eternal City Ghost Tour
Discover the dark, mysterious side of Rome. When sunlight sets over Rome another side of the city involves life. In a city as ancient as Rome every stone includes a story to inform ad many of these stories could be dark and sinister. Tour for a moonlight adventure through the eerie streets of Rome where ghosts of Emperors, Popes and artists emerge and haunt the city.

5) Haunted Rome Private Walking Tour
Have a walk on the creepy side with this particular fascinating tour of Rome’s spookiest places. and come face to manage with the skeletal remains of some of Rome’s previous residents at the Capuchin Crypt. This walking tour is an intriguing dive into Rome’s long and twisted history.

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