5 Best Water Sports Activities in San Andres


The island of San Andres is a superb position for lovers of snorkeling and scuba, and you have the ability to shoot day trips out to enjoy nearby fish and islands for the lunch. Straight from a postcard, the great blue-green water here continues to be offered the nickname “the ocean of 7 colors.” The island was investigated by English Puritans, and several of these legacies remain even today within the island’s homes, words, and neighborhood names. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in san Andres.

  1. Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park

Have a ship from the very first beach of San Andres out to this island of cream sand shorelines and coconut groves. Inhabited by lots of iguanas, the shielded coral islet is incredibly gorgeous although it has the capacity to become full of visitors, particularly on the weekends .Lounge in the shade underneath a hand tree or head away to snorkel within a surrounding reef. You’ll find plenty of almost no food and drink stalls with one of these playing reggae music – try out the Caribbean lobster, fish that’s fried, or possibly the coco loco (a new avocado with rum). Read the interior on the island somewhat or have a walk around the whole part of approximately fifteen minutes.

  1. Scuba Diving

Scuba is among the principal reasons men and women go all the right way on the island of San Andres. With incredible water and visibility warm sufficient you don’t absolutely need a wetsuit, it is the perfect place to produce to dive as well as enter a few fun dives. You will discover decorative coral reefs, rock formations, plenty of fish, sharks, along perhaps bioluminescent plankton. You have the ability to organize shore dives, wreck dives, as well as night dives.

  1. El Acuario and Haynes Cay

Obtain a motorboat coming from the docks to Cayo El Acuario for a number of of the very most beautiful blue water you’ve already found.

This’s another one of these brilliant locations that could get filled with boats and crowds, it is therefore best to avoid it through the weekends. It’s a popular sandbank in that you simply have the ability to rent snorkeling lockers and gear, but there’s significantly less than so much to notice underwater as in a few other places. Walk as well as swim from El Acuario on the nearby Haynes Cay for a far more secluded and peaceful experience. it has small – with almost no actual beach – though It is simply about the absolute most beautiful cays within San Andres.

  1. Kayak Through the Mangroves

For a totally different sort of exotic island experience, read the Old Point Regional Mangrove Park. These have the ability to lead you by tunnels of mangrove trees in “transparent” ocean kayaks so it is possible to start to see the aquatic life below you. Discover more relating to this essential and unique ecosystem that may serve as a hatchery for plenty of fish. You’ll stop for snorkeling sessions and also find the juvenile variations of several newly hatched fish along with corals, anemones, rays, and starfish.

  1. Go Snorkeling

At all the shores and also destinations around San Andres, it is totally possible you will discover touts as well as stores providing snorkeling gear for hire. Nevertheless, several spots are better compared to others, so ensure you get a disguise at the great beaches as La Piscinita. Naturally, a ship trip has the capacity to allow you to get with the most effective overseas snorkeling spots around reefs & shipwrecks placed in much deeper waters (where you won’t be surrounded several other tourists). On a good working day, you have the ability to see plenty of fish, rays, bright corals, as well as sharks and sea turtles just in case you are fortunate.

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