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TFR, Traffic Film Remover, Truck Wash, Motor Wash and Helicopter Wash. It’s available in many names, well and never the ultimate one… but nonetheless, what’s really TFR how come there differing types? Most likely the easiest method to start should be to ask what Traffic Film Remover is actually.

TFR is a mixture of silicates, phosphates, chelating agents and surfactants made to remove deep ingrained grime and dirt from hard surfaces. It’s mainly based in the automotive niche for removing road film deposits, therefore the name. What’s road film? Road film consists of all of the ecological pollutants and contaminants that you’d find floating in mid-air on busy roads and motorways. This can include united nations-burnt fuel, iron, oil, smoke, brake dust, tar, bitumen and cement dust. These particles are attracted to the top level of car and may get hidden deep towards the surface. Because these contaminants comprise heavy materials and metals they’re unlikely to obtain removed by traditional shampoos and soaps. Traffic film remover could be durable product which penetrates deep lower towards the surface and lifts the contaminants off.

Traffic film remover can come is a variety of strengths and kinds, truly belong to 2 types, caustic and non-caustic. Choosing the right TFR is important if you would like to complete the job rapidly and effectively with no damage to to the top level you are attempting to wash

Caustic traffic film removers contain superiority of caustic soda, (sodium hydroxide), which makes the answer alkaline. It’s mainly the alkalinity which gives it its effective cleaning characteristics. The greater caustic soda there’s within the TFR, the higher effective, (usually), the product is.

The advantages of using caustic TFR are it truely does work incredibly rapidly and needs minimal work to get a deep clean. However that could be too aggressive for some kinds of paintwork along with other materials. In situation your TFR includes a strong power caustic soda it’ll dull paintwork therefore you must choose the correct strength.

Additional troubles are always that caustic TFR isn’t appropriate to make use of on Aluminium or Galvanised surfaces because it will tarnish and stain them. Should you happen to get a caustic TFR onto any incompatible surface you have to rinse the most effective prior to the product dries?

Non-Caustic traffic film removers are utilized where caustic versions are often too strong or aren’t suitable for topping requiring cleaning. Non-Caustic traffic film removers usually use sodium metasilicate as opposed to sodium hydroxide because the primary soap. Sodium metasilicate is less aggressive that sodium hydroxide, as well as the best concentrations it’s dependable on paintwork, aluminium, glass and galvanised surfaces as extended as it is rinsed off. Non-Caustic traffic film removers are really popular recently due to their volume of uses. They’re also appropriate to wash cars because they will not dull paintwork and tarnish aluminum surfaces.

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