What You Need To Know About Laser Tube Cutting

What You Need To Know About Laser Tube Cutting

If you have never heard of tube laser cutting in Ontario, it’s time to learn more about the benefits of this process. These machines are highly efficient, able to handle a variety of different sizes of tubes and require very tight tolerances. Laser cutting also eliminates the need for a mechanical force that weakens the surrounding material, resulting in a much stronger cut. Here’s what you need to know about these machines before you buy one.

Machines that can handle a lot of different sizes of tubes:

Tube bending machines can include a variety of processes to achieve the desired shape. Segmented end formers, for instance, use a rotary die divided into segments. The stationary die supports the tube, while the movable die rotates and applies a radial force to the tube. The segments rotate and change the cross-sectional area of the tube as they apply the force. The result is a uniform bend.

They require tight tolerances:

If you’re a fab shop, chances are you’ve noticed the increasing demand for high-quality tubes. But you also know that tube mills often can’t meet the tight tolerances needed for laser cutting. In addition, tube mills aren’t always available. This makes it difficult for a company to source high-quality tubes and ensure that the parts it produces are within the tight tolerances required.

They are an efficient process:

The first step in determining whether laser tube cutting is a good fit for your manufacturing process is to determine the material you’ll be working with. Since tubes can be welded together, the weld seam can affect the final cut and assembly process. Laser machines equipped with the appropriate hardware can identify weld seams from both inside and outside the tube. Often, a tube’s finish makes it impossible to identify a weld seam, so a machine with a seam-sensing system can detect a weld and adjust cutting accordingly. A typical machine employs two light sources and two cameras to scan both the inside and the outside of the tube. The vision system also rotates the tube to ensure the least impact on the finished product.

They require a lot of maintenance:

Several factors affect the life cycle of a laser tube cutting machine. For example, hotter weather and higher temperatures can reduce its efficiency. This is because the laser equipment generates a lot of heat during the cutting process, which may eventually result in system failure. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your laser tube cutting machine in good working condition by performing periodic maintenance.