Must See Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) may be the country’s economical capital and shares its lively character with Thailand’s Bangkok. While Hanoi is much more reserved, with the feel of a provincial city, Ho Chi Minh is a true metropolis where capitalism counts. Pace of life is much quicker than somewhere else in the country and the city is experiencing inevitable developments.

Brand-new office buildings and shiny skyscrapers sprout up everyday; nevertheless the city manages to help keep a few of its oriental charm. The cyclo driver still awaits customers in the streets, temples filled with incense dominate the busy districts, street vendors sing their traditional selling songs and fortune tellers predict the near future for the superstitious, just like they did for countless years.

Places of interest are the Independence Palace, the Thien Hau Pagoda, Saigon’s old postoffice, the Jade Temple, the myriad of museums and the Cho Lon Chinese quarter in District No.5. Cho Lon is a destination which is unable to miss when traveling Ho Chi Minh City. Cho Lon means ”big market,” and the very best place to begin your visit are at the overwhelming Binh Tay Market. Like Chinese districts in San Francisco, New York, London and Bangkok, Cho Lon is among the oldest and most mysterious areas of Saigon. A trip to Cho Lon, Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown, will take an afternoon, if no entire day. Although it is apt to be hot and crowded, take your time here. The variety of goods listed here is positively astounding and provides you with uncanny glimpses into modern Vietnamese life. You are able to save from 20% to 40% in the event that you bargain Friendly

Not far from Saigon would be the legendary Cu Chi Tunnels. The complex of secret tunnels and hideouts stretches over an amount of 250km and runs as far as the Cambodian border. The underground network, several story deep, included field hospitals, living areas, storage rooms, kitchens and numerous secret trapdoors, some of which booby-traps. A visit to the historical relic makes clear how tenacious the Vietnamese resistance for the country’s reunification and independence was.

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