The Best 10 Hospitals In Ho Chi Minh City

Being seeking medical assistance at a high international level staying within Ho Chi Minh City can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Ho Chi Minh City is host to numerous famous and international health centers and hospitals. Furthermore, picking an efficient medical center as well as an international medical center for every type of treatment is the most important thing for any person. These are the 10 best hospitals internationally located in Ho Chi Minh City that you can look up.

Note: Expats are able to use the following hospitals to obtain Health Care and Work Permit exam on Long-term Visas to Vietnam

Vinmec Central Park International Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City

Vinmec Central Park International Hospital is a private health care facility that was established in 2012. It was constructed and funded by Vingroup, a private investment centre in Vietnam. At present, Vinmec operating with its seven general hospitals in Vietnam with 2 of them that are certified to JCI standards, which is the strictest safety standards anywhere in the world.

With the benefit of being one of the modern international hospitals in Vietnam that is home to a team of highly trained nurses and doctors from different nations like France, USA, Japan and Singapore. Vinmec Central Park International Hospital located in Ho Chi Minh City is well-known and trusted by locals and tourists and is highly recommended for any kind of medical and treatment checks. Additionally, Vinmec offer Vaccination schedule for children throughout the week between Monday and Saturday. As an Addition, Vinmec offer health examinations for the expat’s work permit.

Vietnam France Hospital – FV: Ho Chi Minh City

France Vietnam Hospital – FV was founded in March 2003 within a brand new urban area located situated in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, this is the first healthcare facility located in Vietnam’s South of Vietnam to achieve JCI certification for quality. Presently, Vietnam France Hospital – FV boasts more than 950 staff members, comprising 130 highly skilled and experienced doctors bác sĩ sản khoa giỏi. The variety of specialties available within the 220 beds hospital is among the top choices to consider for when choosing an international hospital as well as a medical center located in Ho Chi Minh City. Furthermore there is there is the French Vietnam Hospital is also a reputable hospital for patients from nearby countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

When you arrive You can schedule an appointment on the internet and avoid the time.

Address: 6 Nguyen Luong Bang, South Saigon (Phu My Hung), District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City International Hospital [CIH]

City International Hospital was started to provide medical services in January 2014 and has 21 subclinical and clinical areas of expertise, including cardiology, internal medicine, Ophthalmology and obstetrics and Otolaryngology. Additionally, City International hospital is also a facility to train researchers, develop research and improve healthcare and health human resources. Based on the motto “Ready for the patient”, City International Hospital always provides a variety of medical and clinical care to various needs of patients through the modern technology. Particularly it is the City International hospital accepts medical examinations and treatments for all patients who have health insurance coverage. If you’re looking for City International Hospital it is now possible to register online for medical examinations and treatment in accordance with the schedule of your doctor on the main site of the hospital between Monday and Friday, in the morning and afternoon.

International Maternity Hospital in Saigon – SIH

It was established in the latter half of 2000. Saigon International Maternity Hospital operates as a private institution that specializes in obstetrics and Gynecology Neonatology , the first IVF clinic in Vietnam. The hospital currently serves over 6,200 mothers to have babies and more than 6,300 babies were born, and more than 500 infertile cases were treated for numerous couples.

The International Maternity Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is available 24/7.

Columbia Asia International Hospital Gia Dinh in Saigon

Columbia Asia Gia Dinh International Hospital founded on the 28th of October 1998, is located in Ho Chi Minh City. The hospital is the first hospital that is privately owned that has 100 international capital investments. The most notable feature of this international hospital and health center is the 24-hour operating clinic, gastric surgery, complicated rectal surgery and other surgeries performed using laparoscopic techniques.

Hanh Phuc International Hospital of Obstetrics & Gynecology – Ho Chi Minh City

The International Hospital received its first patient on the 3rd of January 2011. It was created with the intention of becoming the leading hospital for children and women patients in Vietnam as well as Indochina. The International hospital follows Singapore guidelines for the health system. Hanh Phuc International Hospital operates in accordance with the principle to “Celebrating life” because life is precious, each patient that visits this hospital is treated by highly experienced, skilled and certified medical professionals. Affectionate health care that is complete. It is a place where mothers can be thinking about the beginning in their life.

International Neurosurgery Hospital Ho Chi Minh City

The International Neurosurgery Specialized hospital located in Siaogn is the only hospital to specialize on neurosurgery within Vietnam that was approved in December 2013 and boasting the total cost at VND 200 billion and an area of 4300 square meters. Patients who visit here feel safe because the medical staff at the hospital is supported by Cho Ray hospital and the collaboration of the overtime staff from the well-known and respected doctors of today. The hospital treats all types of pathologies related to surgical or trauma and internal neurology.

Ho Chi Minh City’s Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City’s Vietnam Korea Eye Hospital

Vietnam Vietnam Korea Eye Hospital was established in 2004 in Ho Chi Minh City with 100% funding by St. Hospital. Marry’s Eye Hospital Inc. is located in Korea has met Korean standards as well as Vietnamese standards. After 5 years of existence in 2009, the Vietnam-Korea Eye Hospital became the third largest hospital in the Saigon Eye Hospital system.

Saigon’s American International Hospital – AIH

It is the first hospital in Vietnam that has JCI along with American standard equipment and technologies for extended treatment. American International Hospital – AIH located in Ho Chi Minh City was founded on the 19th of October 2018. While still relatively new internationally-operating hospitals within Vietnam and staffed by a group of highly respected and well-known doctors of management who have been who have been trained from North America and Europe, hospitals will be an area of full medical treatment and the same quality as the existing hospitals in international.

Minh Anh International Hospital of Ho Chi Minh City

Minh Anh International Hospital is an general hospital, which was approved and appraised from the Ministry of Health on December 25 the 25th of December, 2013. The hospital is equipped with a modern French style rooms along with modern equipment and an experienced team of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals who are at Minh Anh International Hospital, patients will be treated that is of high standard and excellent quality.

The hospitals of international fame are located are located in ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The health care system and the medical facilities at International Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City’s medical facilities different depending on the area to which you’re referring to. In general , and in contrast to urban areas, cities provide a high-quality healthcare and medical services for both locals and expats The hospitals and clinics have facilities that are good for the patients.

It is essential to carry insurance in the event of an accident. If the insurance you’re currently using does not cover medical services in Vietnam it is possible to purchase a local insurance plan to cover medical costs. Also, it should be verified to include emergency medical care since it’s an expensive service. The insurance coverage is the amount of 100,000USD

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