UHC M1911 Spg Airsoft Pistol SOFT-961BH : Every little thing You must know

The M1911 pistol, or more commonly referred to as the 1911, is a combat grade firearm widely issued through the U.S. military between 1911 to 1985 and is still currently utilized by some military personnel and law enforcement officers today. Due to its innovative “short recoil” system, high capacity magazine and excellent stopping power, the 1911 was predominately found in both World War I and II as well as the Korean War and Vietnam War. Today, you will discover these firearms being carried by the LAPD, SWAT, FBI, Marine Force Recon and Delta Force. The 1911 is a superb weapon, and UHC’s Airsoft replica of the pistol stands to match.

The UHC 1911 spring Airsoft pistol is one of the finest spring pistols on the market. Countless Airsoft enthusiasts were introduced to the activity through the purchase of this kind of pistol, and virtually all were significantly more than satisfied with the product. The UHC 1911 is a full sized replication of the actual firearm. UHC went to great lengths to replicate all when details on the real pistol. It features an open ejection port allowing BBs to be loaded in manually through the slide as well as easier accessibility for an individual to clean or lubricate the gunĀ sig Sauer firearms. The pistol includes a textured metal trigger, crisscrossed handle to lessen slipping and a highly detailed magazine. It even is sold with both the typical thumb safety switch as well as the grip safety switch found behind the handle. Not only does this enhance the realism of the gun, it ensures that even though the trigger is pulled the gun will not fire unless you are in reality holding the pistol. The gun is quite smooth and an easy task to cock which could drastically increase the amount of shots you can fire each minute when compared to several other spring pistols.

Together of the most popular spring pistols available, it is a good item to own proper enthusiastic about Airsoft. If you are an experienced Airsoft veteran or searching for your first Airsoft gun, you can’t make a mistake with the UHC 1911.

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